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EASA AD No.: 2012-0026

EASA Form 110 Page 1/2


AD No.: 2012-0026

Date: 08 February 2012

Note: This Airworthiness Directive (AD) is issued by EASA, acting in accordance with Regulation

(EC) No 216/2008 on behalf of the European Community, its Member States and of the European

third countries that participate in the activities of EASA under Article 66 of that Regulation

This AD is issued in accordance with EC 1702/2003, Part 21A.3B. In accordance with EC 2042/2003 Annex I, Part M.A.301, the

continuing airworthiness of an aircraft shall be ensured by accomplishing any applicable ADs. Consequently, no person may operate

an aircraft to which an AD applies, except in accordance with the requirements of that AD, unless otherwise specified by the Agency

[EC 2042/2003 Annex I, Part M.A.303] or agreed with the Authority of the State of Registry [EC 216/2008, Article 14(4) exemption].

Type Approval Holder’s Name : AIRBUS
Type/Model designation(s) :A380 aeroplanes

TCDS Number: EASA.A.110

Foreign AD: Not applicable

Supersedure: This AD supersedes EASA AD 2012-0013 dated 20 January 2012.
ATA 57 Wings – Wing Rib Foot – Inspection

Manufacturer(s): Airbus

Airbus A380-841, A380-842, and A380-861 aeroplanes, all serial numbers.

Reason: Following an unscheduled internal inspection of an A380 wing, some rib feet

have been found with cracks originating from the rib to skin panel attachment

holes (Type 1 cracks according to Airbus All Operator Telex (AOT) terminology).

Further to this finding, inspections were carried out on a number of other

aeroplanes confirming the existence of these cracks. During one of those

inspections, a new form of rib foot cracking originating from the forward and aft

edges of the vertical web of the rib feet has been identified (Type 2 cracks

according to Airbus AOT terminology). This condition, if not detected and

corrected, may lead to reduction of the structural integrity of the aeroplane.

EASA AD 2012-0013 required Detailed Visual Inspections (DVI) to detect cracks

on the wing rib feet and required as well to repair them when applicable.

Following issuance of EASA AD 2012-0013 it has been confirmed that Type 2

cracks may develop on other aeroplanes after a period of time of service.

For the reasons described above, this AD, which supersedes EASA AD 2012-

0013, extends the applicability to all aeroplane serial numbers and requires

accomplishment of High Frequency Eddy Current (HFEC) inspections of certain

wing rib feet and accomplishment of applicable corrective actions. This AD also

requires that the inspection results are reported to Airbus.

This AD is considered to be a further interim action to address this condition. As
a result of the on-going investigation, further mandatory actions may be


Effective Date: 13 February 2012


Action(s) and



Required as indicated, unless already accomplished:

(1) Within the compliance time defined in Table 1 of this AD, as applicable,

depending on the number of flight cycles (FC) accumulated by the

aeroplane at the effective date of this AD, accomplish HFEC inspection of

the Left Hand and Right Hand wings in accordance with the instructions of

Airbus AOT A380-57-8058 revision 1.

Table 1

Total number of FC

accumulated since

aeroplane first flight

Compliance time for the HFEC


Aeroplane has accumulated

less than 1 216 FC

Before or upon accumulation of 1 300 FC

Aeroplane has accumulated

1 216 FC or more, but less

than 1 384 FC

Within 6 weeks or 84 FC, whichever

occurs first after the effective date of this


Aeroplane has accumulated

1 384 FC or more

No later than 3 weeks after the effective

date of this AD

(2) If any crack is detected during the
HFEC inspections required by paragraph

(1) of this AD, before next flight, contact Airbus for approved instructions and

accomplish those instructions accordingly within the specified compliance


Within 2 days after accomplishment of the HFEC inspections as required by

paragraph (1) of this AD, report inspection results (including no findings) to


Ref. Publications: Airbus AOT
A380-57-8058 revision 1 dated 08 February 2012.

The use of later approved revisions of this document is acceptable for

compliance with the requirements of this AD.

Remarks: 1. If requested and appropriately substantiated, EASA can approve Alternative

Methods of Compliance for this AD.

2. The required actions and the risk allowance have granted the issuance of a

Final AD with Request for Comments, postponing the public consultation

process after publication.

3. Enquiries regarding this AD should be referred to the Safety Information

Section, Executive Directorate, EASA. E-mail:

4. For any question concerning the technical content of the requirements in this

AD, please contact:

AIRBUS SAS - EANA (Airworthiness Office),

Phone: +33 562110253 ; Fax:+33 562 110 307

account.airworth-A380@airbus.com and


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