lunes, julio 14, 2008

VEM paints and signs a maintenance contract for the new fleet of B-767s of TAM Linhas Aéreas

Based on more than eighty years of experience in aviation maintenance services, including large painting projects, VEM Maintenance & Engineering delivered the first Boeing 767-300 (PT-MSU) to be operated by TAM Linhas Aéreas, last week, after painting with the colors of the company’s new visual identity. The painting of the second airplane (PT-MSQ) has also begun, and the painting services was carried on simultaneously in both aircraft in a six-day overlap.
The painting of first airplane began on June 14 and was delivered within the agreed-upon time frame. Besides the striping process and painting of the fuselage, other services were also performed, such as a "weekly check", changes in the internal configuration – including the restoration of seats, carpets and curtains, installation of new placards, and recover of the flooring, all of this according to the standards of the airline’s new fleet. Several components were also sent for repair and overhaul in VEM’s shops. The second airplane will receive the same modifications, except for the striping.
In an action that brings the companies even closer together, a contract was signed this week for handling the maintenance of the components of the B-767-300 planes from TAM’s fleet. With a capability list of over 17,000 items, VEM is fully qualified to perform repair and overhaul services on numerous B-767 components. The contract covers all of the maintenance of the aircraft while they are being operated by TAM, and includes the provisioning of exchange and repair components, such as APUs, landing gears, avionics, pneumatics, hydromechanical systems, and others.
The services were performed in VEM’s facilities, in Rio de Janeiro, which owns the largest hangar in Latin America. The technical team from TAM that received the aircraft expressed great satisfaction with the results of the work done by VEM’s staff, involving technicians and engineers, as well as chemical engineers specialized in painting. The legal services for ANAC approval were also handled by VEM’s team.
"We want to always deliver quality and excellence to our customers for whatever they need, and we want to hear that they were satisfied with our services. To that end, we keep constantly up to date, in terms of technology and training in order to meet market new demands. The Company has been performing maintenance on the B-767 for many years, and this contract with TAM only reinforces the confidence that the market has in VEM," says Nestor Koch, VEM Vice President of Marketing & Sales.

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C'est vraiment trés jolie!!

C'est la passion par voler et par servir

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