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MK Airlines is launch customer for Freight Feeder

Freight Feeder Aircraft Corporation announced today that the company has entered into a Letter of Intent with MK Airlines (East Sussex), the British-based all-cargo carrier, for the purchase of 10 (ten) FF5000 Freight Feeder Aircraft, with an option to purchase an additional 5 (Five).
Mike Kruger, CEO of MK Airlines stated, “The Freight Feeder Aircraft could play an important role in the future development of an air cargo industry that is already short of competitive and cost-effective airframe capacity. Its use of state-of-art technology makes the FF5000 regional container aircraft an innovative option for us to select and MK Airlines is delighted to sign this agreement as the first European airline to commit to this project and to help launch the aircraft into the global market.”
John J. Dupont, President and CEO of Freight Feeder Aircraft Corporation stated, “We are very pleased with MK Airlines’ decision to enter into an LOI for FF5000 aircraft for its UK cargo airline operations, and for its commitment in helping the FF5000 come to market in the European, and global marketplace. We are looking forward to a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with MK Airlines as one of our valuable launch customers, as we continue to develop the FF5000 and bring it into production.”
Officials of both Freight Feeder Aircraft Corporation and MK Airlines plan to meet within the year to complete the final negotiations. The purchase order will become finalized upon “first flight” of the FF5000 Prototype currently under construction. The planned completion of the FF5000 Prototype Aircraft is in the spring of 2009.
The turboprop twin is expressly designed to carry six standard air freight container in a rear-loading configuration. Empty, it could fly 2,175 nm but with 35,000 lbs of freight aboard it will go 878 nm, striking distance for most regional courier and freight operations feeding a major hub. Normal cruise is 250 knots.

For more details on the Freight Feeder line of aircraft, visit their website here: http://www.freightfeeder.com

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