jueves, junio 11, 2009


En este caso se suma al avion con problemas de esta mañana en España, en Islas Canarias.

La noticia viene de Australia...

Fire forces Australia jet to land ...

An Australian passenger plane with 203 people on board has been forced into an emergency landing after a fire broke out in the cockpit.
The Airbus A330, operated by Jetstar, was flying from Japan to Australia when a window in the cockpit caught fire.
The pilots managed to put out the fire before landing in Guam. Jetstar said all of those on board were unharmed.
A similar model of the Airbus, operated by Air France, crashed on a flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris last week.
All 228 passengers died in that incident.
The Jetstar plane was four hours into its flight to the Gold Coast in Queensland when the fire broke out.
"Smoke became evident in the cockpit and one of our pilots was required to use an extinguisher," Jetstar spokesman Simon Westaway told Australia's ABC News.
"We conducted an emergency diversion to Guam international airport where the aircraft landed without incident."
He said the plane, which is two years old, would be held in Guam until the cause of the fire was established.
Most of the passengers were reported to be Japanese nationals.
Jetstar is part-owned by Australia's national carrier, Qantas.

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