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The UH-72A Lakota is the U.S. Army’s choice for its new Light Utility Helicopter. Fulfilling the service’s requirements for speed, range, endurance and overall performance, the FAA IFR certified UH-72A combines operational capability, reliability, and affordability in a flexible and proven platform to meet the LUH mission’s demanding requirements.

A version of the technologically advanced and proven EC145 multi-mission helicopter, the UH-72A benefits from demonstrated performance in roles that range from law enforcement and emergency medical transportation to search and rescue (SAR), offshore utility operations
and corporate transport.

The UH-72A leverages the latest in modern and proven technology to deliver superior performance, outstanding operational reliability, excellent maintainability and safety.

Pilots benefit from the UH-72A’s VEMD (Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display) in the night vision gogglecompatible glass cockpit, which integrates and synthesizes flight and vehicle information - increasing situational awareness and reducing crew workload. The aircraft's
redundant hydraulic, electrical, and engine control systems - combined with its crashworthy airframe and energy attenuating pilot and passenger seats - add a high level of flight safety and survivability to the UH-72A’s exceptional flight characteristics.

Twin-engine power is delivered through a proven hingeless rotor system to the UH-72A’s advanced technology composite rotor blades. This decreases vibration and noise while enhancing aerodynamic efficiency and mission performance.

Operationally, the UH-72A’s unobstructed and easily reconfigurable main cabin maximizes mission flexibility, while the sliding side and rear clamshell doors provide unmatched main cabin access and enable the most effective space utilization. The high-set main and tail rotor allow the rapid and safe loading and unloading of passengers and cargo. These procedures are faster
and safer, increasing efficiency and reducing hazards for ground personnel.

The incorporation of proven and new COTS technologies not only provide the UH-72A with exceptional operational capabilities but also result in an aircraft that is exceptionally easy and affordable to operate and maintain.

The use of new, lightweight manufacturing materials and extensive system modularity simplify the UH-72A’s maintenance, reducing lifetime ownership costs and the logistics footprint.

One of the most versatile and functional helicopters in its weight class, the UH-72A has the room and lift capability for future mission growth. It adapts easily and rapidly for diverse operations as a result of its design approach. The aircraft leverages modular utility systems that can be quickly installed and removed to meet demanding and evolving mission requirements, enhancing its flexibility to perform SAR, MEDEVAC, security support and command and control mission functions.

The UH-72A Team
EADS North America is supplying the UH-72A advanced rotary-wing aircraft in an industry team that includes its EADS North America Defense and American Eurocopter business units, along with and suppliers from coast-to-coast.

The UH-72A team brings together the leaders in commercial and military rotorcraft technology,
manufacturing, production and support, with exceptional program management and proven
expertise in systems integration.
EADS North America Defense – The UH-72A team is led by EADS North America Defense, which is prime contractor and overall program lead.
American Eurocopter – UH-72A production, assembly and delivery is performed by American Eurocopter, which has been building and supporting helicopters for more than 30 years.
Suppliers – The UH-72A supplier network includes:

Aerolite, Armor Holdings/Simula, CAE, Goodrich,
Keith Products, L-3, Labarge, Luminator, Nordam Group,
Sagem, Skyline, Thales USA, Turbomeca USA, Whelen,
and Wulfsburg Electronics.
UH-72A: Made, selected and delivered
for the mission

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